Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy New Year!! 2013

 We had a Happy New Year party about 8pm on New Year's Eve :)
Ben had to work bright and early in the morning so we moved celebrations up a bit!
The girls loved their princess cups with ginger ale!
(I hope they are this easy to please for a looooong time)

We splurged and had ribs for our dinner of Holdyn's FAVORITE meals!
 We had a small bag of 'poppers' and a few little fireworks that we let off in our driveway.
The girls had a blast!  

Here is a picture of the girls just after helping me make brownies.
They fight over who gets to lick the wooden spoon every time.
This time I told them they could each have a side and they simultaneously started licking
HILARIOUS!  I love these little monkeys!

 We couldn't ask for a better baby brother!  
Cody is game for anything and everything!

We also had day where Holdyn's class invites families in to see what they are doing.
She LOVES to show us all of the fun ways she gets to learn!

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