Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Australia Day!!

 The Miller's had us over for a FUN evening in celebration of Australia Day!
Ben and Dave both served there so they made an authentic dinner and some fun games for the girls!
Dave had his Australian music playing in the background throughout the evening :)
The girls played pin the bow-tie on the kangaroo!
 Diane did a great job with decorations!
 We enjoyed doing the Tim Tam Slam!
 Here is Diane with some Pavlova she made!
Here is Ben (Straight from work) and Dave doing the Tim Tam Slam!
It was a super fun evening!  We are glad to have the Miller's so close!  Who knew
with Dave being 'the neighbor boy' growing up that we'd be friends years later, hundreds of miles
from home :)


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  1. oh that's awesome! Spencer does the Tim-Tam slam once in a while when we see them at the store. that was a Favorite in Hong Kong as well. And that's awesome that Dave is again your 'neighbor'.