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Thurs December 10, 2014 Wish Trip- SEA WORLD!

We were able to visit Sea World on a PERFECT day!!  The crowds were minimal and even here, the Wish kids got the presidential treatment!   We had a little pin from Give Kids the World that we wore and every worker knew that we were a Wish family.
Again, it was incredible.

 We walked into the park and they escorted us to visit Shamu!
The worker helped Shamu write an individual note to each kid!
Again, the line of people waiting was held so Shamu could spend a moment with our kids.
Cody wasn't sure of the huge walking Killer Whale, but soon warmed up to the idea :)

 One of the things I am most thankful for was the photographer service.  We were able to get so many pictures as a family, where one of us was not taking the picture!  I love having so many family shots!

 We went to go and visit Antarctica :)
They had a new Penguin ride called, "Empire of the Penguins."
  I was on one car with the girls and Ben got separated with Cody and ended up in the cart behind us where the rest of the car filled with Asian visitors, who didn't speak a word of English.

A few moments into the ride, it stopped, and the recording kept repeating, "We are having  technical difficulties, please stay in your seat and the ride will resume shortly."  LOL, it was awesome! 25 Minutes we sat there inside the ride.  Luckily, we stopped right in front of the live penguin exhibit and got to watch the workers feed the penguins as we sat there.  Cody fell asleep on Ben and the girls and I were hoping it would restart so we could find the ladies room.   Just another great story and adventure of the day!

 After the ride the kids got their own stuffed animal penguins and we got to meet the star of Antarctica, Puck the Penguin!
I am Kicking myself that I did not get more actual snapshots of this moment!! I have it on video, which is priceless!  Cody had a minor melt-down just before feeding the Dolphins, so Ben was holding onto him, unable to get the snap shots.  Even so, Feeding the dolphins was a highlight of the trip and was purely amazing! Sea World let all of the Wish kids and families in to feed at the same time.  There was  a worker with each family and they asked us how many trays of fish we wanted to feed.  We asked for 3.  One for each kid. It was totally AWESOME!  The dolphins were much bigger up close than I had thought.  The workers had them come right up and lay in front of us so we could feel them.  They had them do some fun little tricks with the kids. It was an incredible experience!  One I know  we will NEVER forget!
Here are the kids looking at the dolphins from underneath.
 We also had lots of fun in the Shark tank.

Such a fun exhibit, to see the sharks up close!
 Nothing like a Shamu Ice cream bar and ice cream cookies on a cool day!!

 We got to sit front and center (just out of the splash zone, per our request) in the VIP section for the shows!  The Dolphins and birds was so fun to watch!  The kids were mesmerized by the divers, swimmers, and dolphins!  It was so fun to watch!! 
One little side show we decided to visit was called Pet's Ahoy!  It was SO cute!  They had rats, ducks, all sorts of breeds of dogs, a pig, a skunk, cats, a hairless cat, ferrets, pidgin and other small animals perform and do super cute little skits.

 Notice the Pigs rear in the picture below, he ran in there 
for "The End" of the show.  Seriously, had us giggling the entire time!
 Just taking advantage of some fun photo spots :)

 We ended the visit with Shamu!  Again, we got prime seats for being a Wish family.  Just out of the splash zone!  I know we were in Florida, but it was a COLD week!

 Kimber and Cody had a blast with the Shamu bubble blowers!

 Another awesome show and so fun to see the whales up so close!
The park was beautifully lit for Christmas as we walked to the exit.
Another Amazing day on the Wish trip!

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