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Wednesday December 10, 2014 Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World, Make A Wish Trip

 The kids woke up early and were ready for another fun-filled day on Kimber's Make A Wish trip!   On Wednesday Mornings, GKTW does horse rides at Keaton's Corral, which happened to be just behind our little villa.  So, we hustled through breakfast and treatments and ran to the Corral!
 Holdyn was excited to tell the cowboy that she was a barrel racer and rides horses in New Mexico.  She wished she could have showed off her skills :)  But she happily settled for a lap or two around the corral!  Kimber LOVED the slower pace and was happy to be riding!
 Cody was his usual cute self and loved every minute!
 After their ride they each got a cowboy hat!  Such a fun way to start the morning!

 We quickly loaded up and headed to the Magic Kingdom!!

 It didn't take long to find and meet up with more Characters.  
Pluto was welcoming to us as we entered the park. 
 The line for Mickey was again, over an hour and a half long, 
but the Genie got our family right up to the front in a matter of minutes.
 When we walked into the room this Mickey was able to talk and shouted in his Mickey voice, "There you are!  I have been wondering when you would show up!"
He talked to the kids and again, made them feel like they were his best friends ever!

 I absolutely love this picture because even Mickey Mouse has to get caught blinking in a photo every once in awhile! :)

The girls were very excited to spend a moment with Marie the cat!
 Kimber was VERY excited to meet Tinker Bell!  It was almost as fun to walk to her little house as it was to meet her.  It felt like we were shrinking as we walked down the pathway in the garden and things became bigger and bigger!  She was so fun to spend a few minutes with!

 We also got to meet Snow White.
 We walked past a huge line for Peter Pan and as we were looking up at him the worker again saw our Genie badge and grabbed our family and walked us right up to the front. 
He was so fun talking and playing with the kids. 

 Even though there were lines for every character and every ride, we were able to sail through the park and do whatever, and meet whomever we liked.  It was humbling to see how people really respected the fact that we were there with Make A Wish.  They went above and beyond without question to make our visit as easy and comfortable as possible.  It was really incredible!  The kids loved riding the Dumbo ride!

 Cody was VERY excited to ride in the cars!
 The kids loved the animation in It's a Small World!

 Even though they could ride the Carousel at the Village as often as they wanted they still went on the carousel here twice.  I think it was still one of the favorites!

 Cody was in heaven to ride the train!
 We found Ariel in the Grotto!  She was also a favorite!
It was so cute to see how the characters would ask the kids questions and try to get them talking.    They were all so wonderful in making some great memories!

 Here we are outside Ariel's castle.
Mr. Cody even got to hold Sebastian!!
 Rapunzel and Cinderella were more favorites!

 Cinderella even tried to teach Cody knuckles and then shred the cheese!

 Cody tried to 'play it cool' but he was loving every minute of the attention he got from the princesses!
 Sadly, none of us were able to pull the sword from the stone!
It wasn't for lack of trying!
 One of our very most memorable visits was when we met Elsa and Anna!
Keep in mind, the line to visit these two was over 2 and a half hours long.
We not only went right up to the front, but they again cleared the room and let our family take time to talk and visit with them! It was really a wonderful experience for us all!

 Even got a smile out of Kimber.
 This was Cody's favorite visit too.  He still talks about these two fair ladies.

 He was getting tired and seriously almost fell asleep in Anna's hug.  He wasn't going to leave her and I think it melted her heart a little.  He just stayed there in her arms until we grabbed him. Poor little guy!

 Cody was all smiles again when Queen Elsa herself asked if she could give him a kiss!
Pretty sure he was proud of those lipstick marks on his cheek.
"I'm never washing my face again!"

We LOVED the time we got to spend with these two sisters!
 Thanks Mickey and Minnie Mouse for an amazing day!!

We snapped a few pictures on our way out of the park!
 I would say Cody had another fun-filled day, YES he is asleep on the kitchen floor of our villa!  Couldn't ask for a better day!  It is amazing to think that we were able to do more in one day than most of the people there.  There wasn't one line we stood in that was under 30 minutes for the regular crowd.  Most were over an hour.  We are still humbled to think of the VIP treatment we received because of our little Kimber made her wish!

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