Sunday, March 31, 2013

Balloon Museum Spring Break Fun!

 The kids and I spent a great day at the Balloon Fiesta Park Museum.
During Spring Break they had a family day and if you got there early, you could get in free.
YEP, we were one of the first ones there :) 
 They had all sorts of fun activities teaching kids about the Hot Air Balloons and how they fly.
They had story time and some songs...the girls LOVED it!
 They had fun arts and crafts for the kids to do and they blew up a few big balloons for the kids to see up close.

 This is an acting dog that does a lot of commercials and appears in TV shows quite often.  
He was great!  The girls kept going back to visit with him!

 Fun air balloon baskets for the kids to climb in and pretend they were going up in the balloon!
We met up with some friends and Ava Miller joined up for some of the pictures!  They also had a huge grass field they were letting people fly kites.  We brought ours and I was super excited to have a "Mary Poppins" Kite experience with hundreds of other kites....but sad for us, there was NO wind while we were there :)  The kids took turns running with their kites to get them up for a we still had fun!

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