Sunday, March 31, 2013

Color Mob 5k

 Me, Susan, Hannah, and Melanie at the starting line!

 Back in January a friend from church got me to sign up for this 5k.  I am SO glad I did!
Holdyn has been so excited to do it with me!  Kimber really wanted to come too, but the puffs of paint were bad enough on my lungs....let alone the lungs of a little CFer!  So she had to stay home...but Daddy got to spend some quality time with her and Cody so it all worked out!
These are our BEFORE pictures!

 Holdyn's Friend Grace was there to run too!
 Here is My Holdy-locks just after the Blue and Yellow paint stations! 
She had a blast!
 Here I am dragging Holdyn through the pink....she said she closed her eyes through the whole would explain why I had to practically pull her through!

We finished strong and did MUCH better than I thought we would!  
I haven't done a 5k or ANY running in it was super fun to do it with my fun little buddy Holdyn!

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