Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egging 2013

 Nothing like waking up at 7 on a Saturday Morning to three synchronized alarm clocks named Holdyn, Kimber and Cody :)
Luckily, the Easter Bunny had everything taken care of the night before so we just got up, got dressed and started the fun!  The girls were so cute helping Cody!  I also had to get a shot of the Hot Air Balloon in the background...we usually get 4 or 5 that float right over us...close enough to talk to the people a few mornings a week.  They like to land at the golf course just behind our house.  Definitely something we will miss!

 SOOO happy Ben was able to switch shifts and be able to be around for the egg hunts. Some of those eggs got pretty high in the tree!
 First hunt over and eggs counted!  The girls were off to a roaring start with a quick break to do Kimber's treatment! So thankful for modern medicine and therapies that are keeping our little superstar so healthy! She puts up with a LOT!  She swallows pills better than anyone I know!
 We then hit the park for the Ward Easter hunt.  It was a huge success too!
Holdyn looks so small in the above picture (Bright pink shirt)....she got to hunt with the Sr. Primary kids.
Kimber had some help from dad in the Jr. Primary section.
 Holdyn had some serious speed to get up to those eggs :)
Good thing she saved some of that energy for the Color Mob run later that day!
Love these little kiddo's!

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