Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kimber's first Krispy Kreme experience!

 We met up with a BUNCH of Kimber's friends from our ward and got to do a little tour of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!  It was super fun!
 Here is Kimber watching the Doughnuts go by on the conveyor belt!
 They got to dip and put sprinkles on their own doughnut at the end of the tour!

 Of COURSE she didn't want her picture I snapped a few while she wasn't lookingand the others she is mad at me for taking her picture :)
If you know Holdyn, you know glazed doughnuts are one of her FAVORITE things!  When she heard about Kimber's experience she was devistated that she didn't get to go too!  After Kimber's graduation, she chose to go to Krispy Kreme's again so Holdyn could see the doughnuts being made too!  What a sweetie pie!  I guess the secret is out.....we will probably have to make a few more trips here in the next few months :)   (No Complaints here)

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