Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kimber's La Petite Preschool Graduation

 It was SUCH a cute performance and graduation, put on my La Petite's Staff.
Kimber was so excited to go to her graduation!  She had been working on her songs 
for a long time and was anxious for us to see her and her classmates!

 She asked for her hair to be curled out....she was so cute throughout the performance!
 They sang some fun songs, First was, "Splish Splash" with their rubber duckies!

 Then "Lolly Pop, Lolly Pop" with their lolly pops :)
And "Tootie Tah"
 Dad switched shifts so he could come!  Cody Loves his daddy-o!
 Kimber got very serious and we could NOT get her to smile after she had her cap and gown on :)

 The kids made these posters for their parents.  
It is priceless!
 Here is her diploma!!
 They also got a shirt with all of their classmates hand prints.
 Ava Miller and Kimber (Their Grandpa's even live next door to each other in Washington, UT...they were destined to be friends)
Here are her two awesome teachers!!  Ms. Lorena and Ms. Paulene!  We LOVED having them and they did such a great job with our little Kimber!!
Congratulations GRADUATE!  (She keeps asking when she can go to is going to be a long  summer :)

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  1. Congratulations Kimber! That's a great accomplishment and looks like you had sooo much fun! Can't wait to see you again!
    Love, Grandpa & Grandma B