Sunday, May 5, 2013

Making some fishy memories in Albuquerque :)

 We had a great afternoon at Tingley Beach ponds!  Ben got off about 3 one afternoon so we grabbed Holdyn after school and hit the fish ponds! It was GREAT!  The girls are quite good at casting with their poles!  We haven't been out FOR-EV-VER so it was a great change in the routine!

 Here is the catch of the day!!  Reeled in by Holdyn!
 On a Saturday morning, we hit the canal's.  Some people told us they stock the canal's around the Rio Grande with fish.  So we did some exploring.  We had a great time, but didn't catch anything.  We spent most of the time fishing in canal that apparently wasn't stocked with fish :)  Someone drove by and filled us in :)  We had fun casting and reeling anyway!  By the time we found the RIGHT place to fish the kids were about finished and ready to go home.

 When Ben was on nights, he got home about 10 on a Saturday morning and said, "Let's GO!" 
So we hurried and grabbed the gear and packed a picnic lunch.  I drove up to Fenton Lake while Ben slept.  Then we hopped out and did some fishing there.  It was kind of chilly up in the mountains.
The girls had a great time just running and getting dirty. When they were bored fishing they went and made a pine cone collection :)

 Fenton lake is quite pretty, however, it was VERY crowded the day we went and so we hiked clear to the other side of the lake to try to fish. 

 We were all set up and having a great time when a mist of white started to come towards us.
We thought it might be a little sprinkle.....WRONG!  It was a windy, gusty, blizzard!  We packed up and RAN back around the lake to the truck!

 We loaded up and drove a little ways back down the mountain and found a great spot for a picnic in the back of the truck!  One of our favorite past times!
Ben took the girls on a little hike and then we headed home.  Ben crashed again.  He is a superstar!  He tries so hard to make the few moments he has with me and the kids really fun!
He literally runs until he drops!
I'm so thankful for these fun moments and memories we are making as a family!

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