Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family Pictures!!

  I have been in a weight loss group since the first of the year with a few amazing gals from around  Albuquerque :)    We all donated prizes for the top three girls who lost the most weight.
I SCORED a photo shoot from the talented Ashley Shaw!
We picked one of the few evenings Ben was home and got these awesome pictures taken in Old Town Albuquerque.

LOVED how they turned out!!!


  1. Your kids are all getting so big...such a cute family. I love seeing your adventures, you are always doing something fun. I check often and look forward to new posts....thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh man!! Cody on the red bench = ADORABLE!! Kimber and Holdyn are getting soo big! :( miss you guys! wish we could see you More! good luck with the move/packing!

  3. SUPER cute pics! I'll show them to River, she'll be excited to see Holdyn. You look great - the purple is a superb color on you :) Congrats on the photo shoot!