Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Soda Dam in the Jemez Mountains

I found this folder of pictures that I never blogged.  So they are a couple of months old, but I wanted to get them up.  We drove up to Soda Dam, just a little over an hour away.
It was nice to get out in the hills and let the girls play in the dirt :)

 This little lizard and snake are made of a bunch of nails hammered into the railroad tie. 
They look pretty cool!
 Here we are at Soda Dam.  It is called that because up in the cave there is a spring where the water bubbles up. 

 The girls loved exploring the cave!

 We took a drive a little further up in the Jemez mountains and went for a little walk.
I LOVE the picture of Ben and Holdyn :)

We also drove by Fenton lake to check it out.  We went back a few weeks later to do some fishing :)

It was sure a fun day out!

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