Monday, October 14, 2013

Kindergarten Field Trip!

  Cody and I had so much fun as we joined Kimber on her field trip!  We walked to the fire station and met Sparky the fire dog.  He showed us around the entire fire department. 
 They taught the kids about fire safety and we got to see where the firemen all spend their day when they are not out on a fire.
We got to see the beds where the firemen all sleep.
 They handed out juice and instant hit with the kids.  One fireman put all of the gear on and really emphasized to the kids that they need to yell and holler if they are ever in a fire and to not be afraid of the firemen. He walked around talking to the kids and let them touch his gear.

They got a tour of the trucks and had another fun picture with Sparky :)
Cody and I were super happy to tag along.  We are sure enjoying the new Elementary!

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