Friday, November 1, 2013

Some family fun and more soccer!

 Doing anything we can to keep Kimber entertained while doing her vest.
These little mini-plungers are what we used before we got her vest machine to pound on all of her different lobes.  SO GLAD we were able to get the vest.
 Cody joining in the fun cracked us all up!  He loves these little pounding plungers ;) sticking to our foreheads!

 Holdyn still has a couple of games this season.  She is doing great!
She scores at least one goal at each game and is always right there going after the ball.
I LOVE watching her play!  She has so much fun!

 Coaches Jenny and Mark are FANTASTIC! 

 Kimber had fun too!  
These pictures are from her last game!

 I cannot wait until Cody can play.  He LOVES to kick the ball around.  
He gets lots of practice on the sidelines during the girls' practices and games :)
He enjoys being outside and LOVES any type of ball!
 I get to go to Kimber's class for all sorts of different activities.
Here she is making her gingerbread girl.
 Cody loves his sisters!
 Awhile back, the girls and I snuck out for a girls night and we went to a little carnival that happened to be traveling through town.  We had a BLAST!

 They won these little fishies.

 This is a random picture from when I took Kimber up to her CF appointment a couple months ago.  The only way I could get her excited about the long drive and long day at the Dr's was to find a hotel with a pool.  She was in heaven.  I think we are going to have to sneak Holdyn with us next time.  I am finally getting around to transferring the picts from my phone to the computer.
 Here are the girls walking home from the school bus in the rain.  Cute little girls with their umbrellas.
 This cowgirl and her classmates wrote a book and entered it in the Grant County Fair.  They won a BLUE ribbon!  She was so excited to go to school and tell her class.  We went to a little rodeo after this picture was taken....a super fun night!
 Cody doing his chore....he LOVES to take out the trash.  As soon as our trash is full he tries to get the bag out.  He gets so excited!
 Kimber's fun friend Brock has been over for a few play dates.  He is in her Kindergarten class and was on her soccer team.  Here they are playing playdough and having a ball!
 Kimber's soccer team had a little party at the park after their last game and they got to hit this pinata.
 Kimber's class made apple crisp last week.  The kids got to cut up the apples then mix the 'crisp' part and bake.  They played apple games and sang songs while it baked. I love her school and her teacher. They are FANTASTIC!

 Here are the girls' soccer pictures.  Cute little bugs!
 Kimber's team named themselves "Team Friendship" at their first practice.
It fit as they were all great friends!
 Here are the Coleman Kickers!
 Holdyn had a daddy daughter date awhile back and shot like a pro!
She had so much fun and keeps asking to go again!
Here is another older pict from my phone.  Holdyn's favorite food is "saucy ribs"  the girl LOVES them!  She gets so excited whenever we get the chance to make them!

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