Monday, October 14, 2013


 The weather has been PERFECT the past few weeks.  We have been enjoying the windows and doors open and the fresh breeze moving through the house!
The kids got their pumpkins and are also enjoying the fall weather.
 Cody will play outside as much as we will let him. He LOVES to sit in the gravel driveway and play in the gravel.  Millie is a champ and will just follow him around and keep him in the yard.

 The girls had a super fun Cheer camp at Silver High School a couple of weeks ago. They LOVED learning the cheers and had a blast performing at the football game.
 The kids and I had another Saturday to fill by ourselves so when I heard that Ronald McDonald himself was coming to Silver City to open the new McDonald's playplace we headed that way.
He did a GREAT magic show and all of the kids LOVED him!  Even Cody was all smiles watching him perform.  They gave away two bikes of Holdyn's friends from school won one of them. It was a fun afternoon and they gave away free goodie bags for the kids.

I have to admit. I had fun too ;)

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  1. Wow! Ronald McDonald in person! Looks like your family is having sooo much fun!