Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Soccer and River fun!

 We had our first day of soccer last Saturday.  
The next few Saturday mornings are booked with soccer games.
 Kimber at her half time snacking on an orange :)
 Such cute kids!  Kimber's jersey is HUGE!
But she knows how to make it look good.
 Time to cheer for Holdyn's game!
 Holdyn did GREAT!  She scored two goals and had a blast!

 That afternoon we drove to the Mimbres river.  It is just inside our Elk unit and we are trying to get to know the area for our hunt.  The girls new favorite place is in the river/mud!
We had a blast....the girls and Millie played in the water and cooled off before we hit some dirt roads scouting out our unit.  Made for a fun Saturday!

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