Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

 We had a great Halloween this year!
The girls were counting down the days!

 Cody couldn't get enough of the jack-0-lanterns.
 Cody and I got to join the girls at school for their Halloween parties and their parade.
 Cody had a blast at Holdyn's class party!
 Then we ran over to Kimber's class! 
 Here they are in the parade!

 Then we went to recess with them.

 Sure love these kiddo's!

 Kimber and Kaitlyn at the trunk or treat!
 Clara, Holdyn, and Christian had a blast trunk or treating.
 Kimber and Brock :) I love her face!
The girls went to a Halloween party at a friend in the ward's, they got to paint pumpkins and play games....they had a blast!!!

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Kimber has the 'go web' down! what cutie pies! love the school parades, can't wait for sophee to be in one next year!! so fun! Happy Halloween!!

  2. So bummed that they didn't have a halloween parade here! I loved to look at all the costumes, but it was nice to not get them ready again!