Friday, November 1, 2013

Some Elk hunting and Visitors!

Here is the view Ben and I had a couple of different mornings/days.
We both had Elk tags and decided to sit this water hole.

 Here we are in the blind.
 We watched deer come and get water, but only one elk came in while we were there......Ben didn't get a no elk meat for us this year!
 Grandpa Cluff and Ben took the kids fishing at a friends pond.
Holdyn got out and threw in her line and she had a fish right away.
This girl LOVES fishing!

 After fishing they loaded up again and went to get a truckload of sand.
We have been wanting to make a sandbox for awhile, the pool seemed like the perfect place to make a temporary one.
 They have spent hours out there playing! 
It has been great!

 The only picture I snuck of the kids with the grandparents....they were so great to watch the kids so Ben and I could go and hunt, and out to a couple of resident dinners.  IT was wonderful to get out with Ben and have a break from the cute kiddo's!  Thanks GRANDMA AND GRANDPA!

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  1. If you had a tag why didn't you shoot it, since Ben missed;)