Monday, December 16, 2013

Horse Crazy

 We have truly been blessed with some AMAZING friends here in Silver City!
One in particular family that we have adopted as our own is the Rocko's.
Bonnie and her husband Mike both have amazing Rodeo skills (And buckles to prove it)
Bonnie is a Champion Barrel Racer and Mike team ropes with his son.
They have adopted our girls and have been teaching them all about horses.  
 The girls ask morning and night when they can go ride the horses with Sister Rocko.
Holdyn loves Big John while Kimber rides Seven up.
 Bonnie is so very patient and teaches them so much.  They each jump on a horse and go around the arena.  Holdyn has even started trotting the barrel pattern.  She wants to be a racer like Bonnie :)

 Kimber's confidence has shot through the roof!
 Bonnie plays riding games and they just enjoy every minute in their horse heaven :)
 Cody loves the "hosses" too!

Meeting the Rocko's has been one of the many huge blessings that we have noticed since moving to Silver City! 

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