Friday, December 20, 2013

Back to UNM for more Cystic Fibrosis visits and testing

 Kimber had two days and a nights worth of appointments at UNM hospital in Albuquerque.  Sadly, the soonest appointment they could schedule her for (A few months ago) was Dec 18-19.  We took them because she needed the tests and the next slot wasn't until March.  ANYWAY, as time drew near little Kimber became more sad and upset that she was going to have to miss two days of school when her Kindergarten class was making Gingerbread houses and having a Pajama Party day with a movie!
It was so sad to see her so disappointed.  Who wants to miss parties for two days at the Dr's! :(  
The night before, she was in tears and did NOT want to go to the Dr's.  So, we made some changes and decided to make it a family trip.  We stayed in a hotel close to the hospital with an indoor pool.
Kimber and Holdyn were in heaven!  They swam every chance they got between appointments.

 Having Holdyn with her helped keep her mind off the appointments.  Holdyn questioned having to miss her own school parties.  But, after we explained that Kimber really wanted her to come, she said she didn't mind missing her school Christmas party.

 Kimber had a very intense sleep study as you can see from the pictures.  Luckily she was exhausted from swimming and was able to sleep with all of the wires hooked up to her!  She was such a champ!

 Poor gal, it breaks my heart to look at her like this.  She is such a champ!  (So is her big sister)  Holdyn sacrifices a lot to be with her sister during vest treatments and dr's appts. Kimber needs and gets a lot of extra attention and Holdyn is the perfect big sister for her!  I'm so glad they are such good friends! 

 The Morning after the study she had a few hours to have breakfast and swim, then head back to UNM hospital for her Cystic Fibrosis Clinic visit.
One of the highlights for her is to add beads to her "Beads of Courage" necklace.  Thank you to the Child Life Program for doing this.  She gets a bead for every procedure and appointment she has.  It is the one thing she looks forward to...adding beads to her necklace.  It is a great program!

Being at the children's hospital has it's perks.  It was Holdyn's first time coming to a clinic visit with Kimber.  The staff spoiled her too.  They each got a set of press on nails and a new little purse...they even brought by Capri Sun drinks for them while we were waiting.  I think Holdyn may want to try to come to the next appts :)   We made it home late last night and were thankful it went so well.  We will get results from the sleep study in a couple of weeks...we also had to add a new medication to Kimber's personal pharmacy...but overall, she is still doing great in her fight with Cystic Fibrosis!


  1. look at all those awesome beads on her necklace. WHAT an AMAZING lil gal Kimber is! We Just love her (and all of you) to pieces. but it forsure breaks my heart to see her with all those wires hooked up. She's a Champ!

  2. We are so proud of you, Kimber & Holdyn, too. What great sisterly love! Glad the whole family could have a quick get-away. Love you lots!