Monday, February 24, 2014

Basketball season begins!

 Let the games begin!  Both girls are signed up for basketball and it has been fun, but busy!
Kimber has practice M and Wed. While Holdyn is Tues and Thurs. with two games on Saturdays. 
They have both gotten so much better!
 Kimber loves practices, but isn't into the competitiveness of the games so much.
Maybe because she is the smallest one on the court.
 She is, however, always excited to get her treat at the end of the game :)
 I love my two little girls!  I didn't get any good shots at Holdyn's game, she was so fast they were all fuzzy :)    LOVE THESE GIRLS!  Cody isn't much for being a still cheerleader, he REALLY wants to play with them and not sit on the sidelines :)

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  1. seriously they are the cutest! we are signing our kids up for soccer this summer, so excited! I'm like Kimber, gimme the treat at the end and I'll come practices...but I'd rather not play in the games.. ha. not competitive at all :) Way to go cute girlies!