Monday, February 24, 2014

Mr. Cody enters the Terrible 2's!

 This was such a fun morning!  Cody wasn't expecting the fun surprises in store on his birthday morning!  Daddy being there was one fantastic bonus! Cody loved the decorations!
 He got a fun remote control car that he LOVES! 
Especially when he can get it to chase after his sisters!

 He currently LOVES Thomas the Train and anything to do with Cars.
He loves to make the 'vroom vroom' noises.
 Later in the day we got to spend some time at the Rocko's!  
This is one of the kids' favorite places!  The girls love
the horses and Cody loves to play in the barrels and with the dogs!

We are so blessed to have little Cody in our family!  He is most certainly a daddy's boy.
He loves his sisters and will wait at the window for the girls to get home from the bus.
He loves to help me wake up the girls in the morning.  He also is a huge helper!  He will sit on the edge of the kitchen counter for hours while Ben or I cook, clean and everything else.  He loves to be up and helping!  He especially loves to stir the eggs before we scramble them, and pancake batter before we cook them.  He loves to watch the toaster until it goes 'pop'.  He loves popcorn and will wait by the microwave dancing and signing "Popcorn" with his hands,  until it is finished cooking. He is a snuggler and LOVES to be involved with whatever is going on! He loves to smile and make others laugh.  We LOVE this kid!!

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