Friday, May 16, 2014

Rootin' for Bonnie @ Safford, AZ Barrell Race!

 We had a VERY fun Saturday!!    
We tagged along with the Rocko's to one of Bonnie's
Barrell Races :)
 The wind was crazy so we hung out in their trailer 
and watched the roping from the truck.

 We played in the trailer and the kids bounced off the walls.
 The girls watching the wind and dust blow.
Kimber had a blast with Mollie.
 I'm blaming Bonnie for the pillow fight.

 The wind and dust didn't stop Holdyn from having a ball riding Nick.
 So much fun in the bleachers :)

Bonnie, Nick and Holdyn.  
We are so thankful to have the Rocko's in our lives.  
They have become our family away from home.

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