Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Holdyn's new Hobby....thanks to Bonnie Rocko! (And I sincerely mean that)

 Here Is Holdyn, Ready to go to her first barrel race with the Rocko's.
She went over to their house earlier in the day to help wash the horses and brush their tails and manes. She has a deep love for horses and riding!  Especially Big Jon! They are a great team.

 Before the races began she was riding around with all of the cowgirls. 
She LOVES hanging out with Bonnie at the races.

 Kimber didn't love the wait, so she found the I pod and turned up some tunes.
 Warming up and cooling down the horses with Bonnie.

 Cody Chillin in the shade.
Holdyn and Bonnie getting ready for the race!

She did GREAT and had so much fun!  Her first time was 42 seconds.  
Her next run was half of that! (Second race picture is her in the orange/pink shirt) She is learning and improving like crazy!

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