Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The new Digs

 The summed up version of our summer goes as follows:

*School ends May 16 (Kimber missed last week due to Scarlet Fever)

*May 30-30 Day Eviction notice due to owner of our rental passing away over a year before and nobody paying on the mortgage with our rent money....home went into foreclosure.

*June 2- No 3 bedroom rentals in Silver City that we would want to move our family into....put an offer on a 4 bedroom home being 'flipped' 

*Owner accepts offer and we move in June 14 (Before closing etc)-Ben's ONLY day off for weeks.  He is a member of the High Council and was VERY nice to let us move in the day he finished installing fixtures etc.  Could NOT have done it without amazing friends and our ward family who helped me (alone) Pack, Pack, Pack, with the kids, and the EQ for getting us moved.  We owe them BIG! 

*June 22-27 in Albuquerque for Kimber's long awaited appointments and surgery.

*Month of July- Ben in Roswell, NM working in the Emergency Department....me home experiencing flooding, septic backup, washer flooding, Cody drinking Bug Poison, Swam Cooler Breaking, NO internet (until yesterday in fact)  etc. LONGEST MONTH OF MY LIFE!!! But, we again are alive to tell about it.

*Aug. 11 Girls are back in school.  More posts of the 'fun' stuff to come.  But I wanted to get a brief overview of our 'not so fun' summer!

 Here are some picts of the front and back of the house.  It sits on an acre and as a LOT of potential.

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