Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Some random catch ups

 For those of you thinking this huge mug is filled with Diet Coke.....You are WRONG!  This time it actually had water in it ;)
 Kimber had been asking for a little dog for a LOOONG time.  It was all she wanted for her birthday.  But we told her we couldn't in the house we were in the rental only allowed one dog and we already have Millie.   So as soon as we moved she was all over us to get her the little dog. Just a day or two after returning home from her surgery in Albuquerque, her want for a dog was greater than ever.  We kept watching on Craigslist and some other sites for little dogs.  One evening I stumbled on an ad for this free dog in Silver City.  The people who had him had found him a few weeks prior just off the highway. They said he was potty trained, well behaved, and they had put up signs for the 'found' dog and even advertised him on the radio, but nobody claimed him.  They already had a houseful of 5 dogs so they didn't want to keep him.  We drove right over and picked him up.  He has a few quirks (attacks the blinds if we leave him alone without putting him in the Kennel) and he barks...at men.  But other than that he really has been perfect for Kimber. He really misses her now that she is in school all day.  He follows her everywhere, sleeps near her, lays with her while she does her vest...he has overall been great for her.  He is very protective, especially of Kimber. 
 We can't cook on the grill enough.  Here is Holdyn having Cheeto's with a side of Hotdog :)
 HMS (Hidalgo Medical Services) hosted this free kids day at the park.  
They had a lot of fun things for the kids to do to stay active. 
 This Big box lasted a couple of weeks and helped time pass as they played in it and decorated it.

 Holdyn LOVED the dunk tank and Kimber LOVED dunking her :)

Silver City does have some fun-family events throughout the year.

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