Wednesday, July 10, 2013

THE MOVE from Albuquerque, NM to Silver City, NM

 I was too busy to get pictures of the actual move...but here are a few pictures that I did get :)
This is what would happen every time I got boxes out to pack...they were quickly filled, just not with what I needed in the boxes :)

We are so thankful that Ben's dad, Uncle Coran, Aaron, and Caleb were able to come help us get moved!  They were lifesavers!   We didn't know how much junk we had!  We started loading in the afternoon after they had already driven 9 hours to get to Albuquerque. Things were going okay, and I jumped in the car with the kids and headed to Silver City, about a 4 hour drive.  I had to get the keys before the rental company closed.  My drive went rather well with the three kids....until I decided to let the buick coast...yikes...I was pulled over by a NMHP officer.  The kids thought I was going to get arrested....I was swearing under my breath because I always tell Ben to slow down and was ticked I was getting the first ticket of our marriage.  It was obvious that I was having a rough go, the car was FULL of stuff and three kids crying in the backseat.  Their faces were covered in Gold Fish crumbs and who knows what else.  I was honest and apologetic....I was in the middle of NOWHERE New Mexico and I'm pretty sure no cars passed the entire time I was pulled over to a stop...but he still wrote me up for 9 mph over.  
I called Ben to share the news and he informed me they were just leaving for Silver City and they didn't get everything in the trailer :(  I felt awful!  They were going to have to go back the next day for the rest!
I got to the house....saw it for the first time and was quite pleased.  It was after 8pm when I arrived and I got the kids set up and found a corner for us to sleep.  The truck and trailer arrived after 11:30pm.  We unloaded enough to get to the mattresses and stuff for everyone to sleep.  Ben and Aaron went on a run to the grocery store and got ice cream (That makes EVERYTHING better)

We finally went to bed around 2am and were up around 6 to get the trailer unloaded and send the guys back up to Albuquerque to get the rest of the stuff and finish the last minute cleaning.  
Holdyn and Kimber were THRILLED to have Uncle Coran and Grandpa Cluff here to entertain.  Holdyn was quite literally Coran's shadow and she LOVED every minute she got to spend with him! 

Ben, Aaron and Caleb made it back with the last of the junk around 11:30pm again.  We unloaded the entire trailer into the garage and were back in bed by 2am.  Then, the guys were up and on the road by 6am for the 10 hour drive back to Fredonia, AZ.  

We seriously were so thankful to have them here to help!   Poor Aaron and Caleb were in the truck for over 10 hours each day between loading and unloading all of the heavy stuff.  I wish I would have taken some pictures, but I was too frustrated and felt so bad they had all of that extra driving/packing that I didn't even pull my camera out.  Plus the kids/unpacking were keeping me pretty busy too!  It was an exhausting few days but felt blessed it went as well as it did!

Now, we are feeling so blessed and have never felt more welcome in a city!
Everyone from the repair guy to the people at the MVD have been so super nice!
We REALLY are loving it here!

Even the deer have welcomed us each day!
 Here is a picture from our back door.  We may have bought a bail of hay to lure them in, it is working!!!
 The girls LOVE to play outside.  They caught a grasshopper today and named him Hopper.
We have also been welcomed by a blow snake, jackrabbits, hummingbirds, lizards, and our neighbors warned us to watch out for wild javelina's (SP) as they run through some back yards often :)
 Here are the girls by the front door.
 Here is our house from the street.  You can barely see it :)  We are totally secluded and we love it that way!
 Here are some pictures of the front room/living area.

 Holdyn enjoying the kitchen :)
Below is the view from my kitchen sink....if you look close you will see a deer staring in.

 The rest of the kitchen....I wasn't able to get all of my coke Decor out, not enough shelves :)
But the signs look good :)
 Cody enjoying some grapes as he watches the deer outside.
Another shot of the front room. 
We do feel blessed to be here!  We already love our ward and Ben's work environment is great so far too!  When we tell people why we came here they always say, "Oh, I heard there were new doctors coming to town on the radio."  I got to hear it today on the way to the library.  They welcomed Dr. Ben Cluff to HMS as one of the new Resident Family Physicians :)  It was fun to hear his name on the radio!    We have really had a great experience and everyone has truly been so friendly!  
Super excited to get more involved and enjoy this beautiful area of Silver City, NM.

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  1. um, stop with the AMAZING house! looks more like a fancy cabin in the woods! I still can't believe all the deer, that's crazy! so glad you are enjoying it so much there!!