Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Holdyn!!

 Holdyn was SOOOO Excited when Rebecca and Clint arrived with her new dog, Millie!
She had no idea she was getting a dog....it was fun to wake her up and surprise her when they arrived with Millie...she came all the way from the UT/ID border :) A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped get her to us...she is a great addition to the family!
 Rebecca and Clint gave us a new tradition.  Have the Birthday person sit in the middle of the room before she gets her presents and have everyone say why they love them.  Holdyn enjoyed the special attention!
 All she wanted for her cake was a Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting....easy enough.  Rebecca helped get the finishing touches on...and Holdyn LOVED it! :)
 She also requested Ribs and Pincho's for her birthday dinner....so GOOD!

 After dinner and cake the kids ran around and played hide and seek while we sat on the porch and enjoyed the evening.  Holdyn had a super fun day and so did we!
Daddy and Cody striking a pose :)

Holdyn is such a sweet girl!  
Her favorite food is 'Saucy Ribs."  
Her favorite animal is a Dog.....specifically, Millie :)   
Her favorite song is:  I am a Child of God.  
Her favorite Color is Orange. 
 Her favorite sport is Soccer.  
Her favorite snack is Cheeto's.   
Her favorite teacher was Ms. Busener, now Mrs. Crookston.
Her best friend is River Henderson (from Fredonia, Holdyn and River write letters back and forth)
Her favorite thing to do with daddy is go shooting/hunting.
Her favorite book is Dick and Jane (She read through grade 2 in the series and LOVES them)

We LOVE you Holdyn!


  1. I love all your photos and I especially love that Ben is in almost all of them! Your family deserves to do things together finally. Glad you're settling in fast and loving Silver City!

  2. How fun that Holdyn has a dog! She is such a sweet girl and River misses her tons. A big Hello to Holdyn from River!

  3. Looks like Holdyn had a great birthday! Thanks for sharing the fun photos and we're so glad that you're enjoying life in Silver City!