Monday, May 19, 2014

Great Strides 2014 Las Cruces, NM

 We were overwhelmed with wonderful support from our small town of Silver City, NM.
We haven't even lived here a year but have made friends to last a lifetime.
Many of the teachers and staff at Jose Barrios Elementary, where Kimber attends, purchased t-shirts and were very supportive in our fundraising efforts.
 J&J sign, a local sign and banner company, donated this 3X8 ft banner for one of the fundraisers.  Kimber and Holdyn made about 200 yellow and blue bracelets to give kids who donated $2 to her team.  They also could donate $1 and get their hand print and name on her banner that we took to the walk in Las Cruces.  I was at the school with the banner for 4 school days and couldn't believe the kids that came back more than once with money to get bracelets and their hand print.  Some kids even had change they had taken out of their piggy banks...hoping to have enough to get their hand print on Kimber's sign.  It was such a neat experience!
 Here Kimber is with one of her greatest fans, Mrs. Valentine.  
She has been the PERFECT Kindergarten teacher for this little gal.
 Here are Holdyn and Kimber with a few of the staff members showing their support!
I am not going to lie, I LOVE seeing kids and staff wearing their shirts when I am randomly at the school, or see them at the store.  We don't even know some of the people that purchased them for support!
 Here we are at Young Park in Las Cruces...the morning of the walk.
 Great treats for the walkers....watermelon, donuts, chips and salsa, enchilada's...YUM!
 Kathy Ladner and Sandy Martin, two amazing ladies from our ward
who have become great friends!
 Here are the walkers....WAY TO REPRESENT...Kimber Anne's Fans were 
the only team that showed....everyone drove over 2 hours on a Saturday morning to be there!
That is true friendship!!
 Let's WALK!
 I loved the back of the shirts....'Just Breathe' something
I often take for granted until I am holding Kimber, especially while she is sleeping...her little body works so hard at something that comes so easily for me.  She wakes up in pools of sweat often, just because of how hard it is to breathe....and this is when she is doing great CF wise!
 Walking past the banner :) 
 Thumbs up for the water station!
 Here is the family.... I sure love this crowd :)

 Kimber and her best friend Brock.  He and his family are pretty dang amazing if I do say so myself!

 Holdyn, Kimber, Mollie, and the Rocko's!

Thanks again to all those who made this event special! 
Our family loves and appreciates all of you!!
Let's keep up the fight until CF stands for Cure Found!!!!  
The cure is on the horizon!

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