Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring Break Part 3 EASTER in Fredonia, AZ

 A year or so ago, Nolan challenged Ben to a race, thinking he would
have no trouble beating Uncle Ben.  Well, Ben whooped him and he has been
demanding a rematch ever since.  Ben accepted the challenge and the time was set.
We all went out front of Grandma Crazy's and cheered them on.
Isn't Ben handsome in his shorts (Whistle)

 Here they are, moments before the BIG race.
I don't have any snapshots of the action, but I do have a video of the 
event.  It was a close race, but Nolan pulled ahead in the end
claiming the victory.
 Soon after, it was time for the egg hunt. We drove up to Uncle Karl's
and the kiddo's loaded up on the trailer with their cousins.

 After an awesome hamburger lunch...the kids lined up!
 The hunt was on and they had SO MUCH FUN!
 The Cluff Family traditions are pretty serious when it comes to Easter egg hunting. The men in the family go up hours before and hide the eggs and set up traps for the different age groups.
They have a zip-line, sometimes it drops candy....sometimes drops water balloons or other 
'fun' surprises.  The kids love it!

 There was also this underground dungeon with eggs and traps in.

 Kenzie heard the chicken was worth $50 to catch, so she had it in no time....
turns out it was only worth $5...but still fun to catch.
 It took Cody a few minutes, but he soon got the hang of gathering the eggs.
Kimber was ready from the time the whistle blew.
 Aunt Rebecca also took on the Easter egg painting/decorating activities that night.
She also takes it to a whole new level.  The kids had fun for HOURS and were
so creative putting their eggs together.

 Cody ran and was happy until he dropped of exhaustion...each day.

 These pictures are all out of order, but you get the gist.  
Ben got them started off coloring the eggs.
 Kira was awesome enough to stand at the glue gun hot gluing 
their decorations on their eggs.

 The girl cousins built this awesomely tall lego tower.  They were so proud of it.
After awhile Cody snuck over and touched it and it crashed to the floor. 
Good thing I had pictures so they could prove how tall it was.  It ended up being taller than me...which isn't saying too much since I am only 5 ft. 2 in. 

 We were so sad we didn't get to see Coran or make it back to his funeral just a week before our visit.  We did get to go and see his grave and take him some flowers and decorations.  What a great man to have had the privilege to call family. 
Since Kimber never gets a break from her vest, we try to make it fun by letting her cousins wear it too.  She loves the reactions from other kids when they try it on.  Here is Taylor shaking in the vest.
 Some after the egg hunt fun! 
 Grandma Crazy had all of the grandkids in her bedroom while we hid their gift bags.
She kept them entertained for awhile while we got it ready....since it was raining, we had to do it on their back patio....still had some good hiding place. I was mostly impressed that they all stayed in the bedroom :)
This picture is a bit out of order too, but here is their finished lego tower.
Notice Kimber the incredible, in the background doing her vest.  She is really a little superstar when it comes to that. Holdyn is her rockstar big sister and Cody is our little mascot :)

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  1. Holy Cow! So Much fun! way cute pics. Jealous that you have seen jason's cowboy side in action! ;) Love you guys! hope to see you next month! :)