Friday, May 16, 2014

Science Fair 2014

 The science fair was optional, but since I have some over achievers for daughters
we did it.  It was really quite fun and the girls already have ideas for next year!
Kimber compared bars of soap...floating or sinking in water and then tested them in the microwave.
If you haven't tried Dial in the really should...hours of fun!
 Holdyn did her experiment on temperatures in three different locations. 
She asked her cousins in St. George, UT, and College Station, TX to record temps at 7am and 7pm for two weeks.  She also did it here in Silver City, NM.  She then compared the temps and made a line graph and took the average temps.  Turns out College station was warmer by 1 degree on average!  Lots of work, but fun project!

 There were only three Kindergarteners that entered.
Here tehy are with the Mr. Yurcic and Ms. Piercy...the principal and the
Science fair coordinator.
 Lots of second graders entered.  Here they are!
They both did so great!  Kimber got second place OVERALL in the K-3 division.
She was so excited to get her prize and her big red ribbon!

Can't wait to see what next year brings!

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