Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Make A Wish #1

 At the beginning of this year we received a letter that we had been approved for the Make A Wish Program for Kimber.  We were pretty excited and honored.  They sent a little Wishbook for Kimber to color the pages and then they came to visit our family!

 When the Make A Wish Reps came to our house they brought presents for all of the kids and played with them to get to know them.
It was such a fun afternoon!

 They spent lots of time with Kimber asking her questions and going through her coloring book.  They wanted to be sure the wish was what SHE wanted.

 After talking with her, they sat down and told us about a magical place called "Give Kid's the World Village" in Kissimmee, FL, just a few miles from Disneyworld.
That is where Kimber chose to go for her Wish.  
Then the magic began.  As the time grew closer we kept in contact with MAW, and Kimber started getting letters in the mail from different characters.  Telling her they were excited for her trip!

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