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Tuesday December 9, 2014 Disney World's Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood!

 After another breakfast delivery at the Village we got our Disney Swag on and headed out for our first day in Disney World Orlando!  We had NO idea what was fun was in store!

 First stop, ANIMAL KINGDOM!!
 We jumped on the tram and rode into the gates!  We LOVED all of the giant Christmas Trees at the entrance of each park. 

 Our first stop was Kilimanjaro Safari tour! During our Make A Wish/GKTW orientation Ben was given a little Genie (as in from Aladdin) badge on a lanyard to take into the parks.  We had no idea what Magic this Genie had in store!!   This was our first time to experience the power of the Genie :)  We walked up to the line, which was almost a two hour wait, and the man at the entrance said, after seeing the Genie, "Oh, no your family goes in this way."  We proceeded to walk past the entire length of the line, right up to the front on got on the very next jeep to go on the ride.
 It was a VERY cool safari where we got to see some amazing animals up close!  Much better than any zoo I have ever been to!

 After the Safari, we came out and walked down to where the "Lion King" was showing.  It is the building behind our family in the above picture.  There was a full crowd waiting to get in.  After seeing our Wish Badge the worker outside the gate said come back in awhile, and we will put you in this line and you will get to go into these doors first.   It was an incredible experience!
 As time for the performance grew near, we entered the line.  The doors opened and another Disney worker grabbed us and said, "You get to come with me."  She proceeded to walk us to the very front row and get us seated and comfortable.  Shortly after, the rest of the crowd was let in to fill in the seats.  We had an incredible experience and Holdyn even got to go up on stage.
We could get used to this VIP treatment! 
 We then decided to spend the rest of the day at Disney's Hollywood Studio's. 

 Here is the family near the front gate.  Another Magical place!
 You can see the Genie badge in this picture!  Magical things happened when the Disney employees saw it!
 We were lucky to squish Holdyn in the double made for easier traveling when it got super crowded with all 3 in strollers.  Ben and I both hate crowds and have a fear of losing a kid in a it gave us peace of mind having them contained :)
 We had so much fun on the Toy Story shootout.  Cody was my awesome partner and was great at pulling the string to shoot our little cannon.
 Holdyn got some sweet Mickey Ears that light up with the light show that evening.  
Make A Wish also encouraged wearing their pins, tattoo's and other gear so people would also know we were a "Wish Family" which also helped with the VIP treatment.  
We got 2nd row seats in the Frozen show!  The kids had a blast ...especially when it started snowing (little bubbles) in the Theater!

 We made a quick stop to see Buzz and Woody.
Again, when the workers saw the Genie Badge, they pulled our family aside, cleared out and closed off the room with Buzz and Woody and let us spend extra time alone with them.  Cody and Woody were instant friends! 

 All of the characters we met were so amazing with our kids!
They continued to make our family feel like we were the only ones in the park!

 Even just walking around the park we would see Characters and the Disney worker that was with them would pull them aside and let us take pictures and spend time with them away from the swarming crowds. 

 Cody about had a come apart when we saw Lightning and Mater!  He just stopped in his tracks, threw his hands up in the air and yelled in his most excited voice, "I KNEW IT!"  I don't know exactly what he knew, but he was VERY excited to see these two!

 It was a very comforting and awesome feeling to see this nativity at the head of the street of lights.  So great to see that they included the true meaning of Christmas in their display at Disneyworld!
 Goofy Santa was also a hot guy!  Many, many kids were lined up to see him and they let us in the back entrance to spend a few minutes with him, without waiting a second.  The Genie pass was doing it's magic again!
 They played beautiful Christmas music and the millions of lights lit up the street!  Kimbers bow and Holdyn's Mickey Ears flashed along with the street lights and the music!  It again started snowing bubbles and made for quite the atmosphere!

 You can't capture the awesomeness of it all on camera, but we tried!
 Cody again partied until he dropped!

It was definitely a magical evening in Disney's Hollywood studio's!

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