Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Monday December 8, 2014 at GKTW

 The first morning we woke up to breakfast delivered to our door.  Each night we would call the Gingerbread house to order what we wanted for breakfast and pick a time to have it delivered.  They were there every morning with a big smile, hot breakfast almost the exact minute we asked for them to deliver.  It was quite the service! The picture above is Holdyn outside the Gingerbread house.  We could eat there or have it delivered.  FANTASTIC I tell ya!!

After our warm breakfast, treatment, etc...we ran to the Village theater to see Mickey Mouse himself visiting the village!

Kimber got a nice Mickey doll from the Village and Mickey signed it while we were there.

 Waiting to see Mickey!

 He took his time with each of the kids, making them each feel like they were his most favorite kid in the world. 

 After a few more hugs and laughs we said bye to Mickey and walked out the doors to see MARY POPPINS!
 She too, spent a few moments with each child.  
Talking in her English Accent and teaching them a few games and manners as she asked them questions...doing her nanny thing :)  It was super fun to meet her!

 We then decided to play around the Village awhile more.  When we arrived Kimber was given her very own star to put up in the Castle of Miracles.  Each Wish Kid that has been there has received their very own star.  There are over 130,000 stars currently in the Castle.  Kimber got to write her name on the star and then we took it to the castle.  The Star Fairy then put it up in the castle during the night and we could find it later on during the week. 

 Here we are with the carousel and the entrance of the Castle or Miracles.
We took her star in and gave it to the Star Fairy.

 This little knight greeted us each time we entered the castle.
There is also a magic pillow tree inside the castle.
There is an interactive Owl that talked with Kimber and then sends the pillows
out for each child.  They LOVE their little pillows and sleep with them each night.

 There were a lot of fun things to see and do in the Castle.
The kids thought they were pretty royal in these thrones.
 The Magic Mirror that lights up when you put your face close and shows you with a crown and royal robes.  The girls loved it too!
 THE CAROUSEL was another favorite.  They could ride it as much and as often as they wanted.  Each time we stopped there they rode at least three times.  By the end of the week Holdyn had ridden on each and every animal at least once.

Everything at the park is also handicapped accessible to ensure families with other children with disabilities could enjoy each thing to the fullest.  It was humbling and pretty awe inspiring to see how they had the place equipped for so many amazing kids and families!
 Of course we had another quick stop for early morning ice cream :)
The kids got the same thing every time.....Holdyn-Chocolate ice cream, with chocolate syrup and M&M's.
Kimber and Cody picked Chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles....while Ben and I enjoyed the variety they offered ;)  YUM!

 Here is the swimming pool!  It's entrance was literally across the street from our villa. 
It was rather cool while we were there so it was nice to be close since our kids wanted to swim swim swim!  I would go home a few minutes early and start the giant tub for the kids to jump in after they got home :)   The pool was nice and warm and the atmosphere was incredible.  There was always fun Disney music playing around the Village.  The pool usually had fun beach, pirate, or other fun music for swimming.  The splash pad was also VERY fun but not you can see it didn't stop our little ones.
There was a really fun pirate ship near the pool. One night a week they would lower the sail and it became a movie screen for movies.  It was raining the night it was scheduled so we didn't get to enjoy that, but still had fun near the ship.

 We usually had the pool to ourselves as well. There was just so much to do and so little time!  There was also fun water fountains in the pool that the kids all loved.

 After swimming we got back in our warmer clothes and hung around the Village for more fun activities. 
 We went fishing on the fishing dock.

 We ran into the Gingerbread house for dinner.
As you can see, the inside is also magical and so fun!
 Our first night Ben went to pick up dinner for the family with Kimber.  When they entered Kimber quietly asked if there was spaghetti on the line of food.  There wasn't, but there were plenty of other things she would love.  HOWEVER, someone heard her comment and soon the Manager Chef came out with the chef hat and all to ask her if she was the one who wanted spaghetti.  Within a few minutes she brought Kimber out her own special plate of Spaghetti.  That is one example of how amazing this place is!
 After dinner we ran to the Village Halloween party.  They did some dancing, trick or treating, magic, and we all went outside for a huge Diet Coke/Mento's explosion. 
The girls loved it all!
 Later that night we had the awesome opportunity to have Miss Merry come and tuck the kids into bed.  She was a riot!  The kids LOVED it and wished she could come every night!
 She spent time with each kid and snuggled them up. 
She tucked Kimber in nice and snug then went to Cody. 

 He wasn't 100% sure what to think.  He loved it, but was so still and expressionless during his entire ordeal.  He didn't move after she tucked him in.  The spider on her face was a gift the girls got from the Halloween party earlier that night.  She found it on the dresser and put it on her ear....then I think she forgot it was there :)  So the creepy spider is in all the photo's :)
 When she got to Holdyn she had her nice and tucked, then proceeded to RIP out all of the blankets from being tucked in and just stuffed it around her face.  Holdyn was giggles the entire time!

Another magical day came too quickly to an end!  I forgot to mention, each day, sometime during the day there was a gift fairy.  When we arrived, and each day up until we left the gift fairy left a gift on the table for each of the kids.  They got Stuffed animals, games, movies, and so many things I could not even keep track!  They really think of everything here at Give Kids the World Village!


  1. This is the coolest! So glad you had lots of fun; savor all the memories!

  2. This is so fun to read about your magical trip for your sweet little family.