Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fun with the Baker's

 Grandma and Grandpa Baker came to visit our new place :) 
Of course the girls were glued to Grandma Baker and enjoyed every second! 
Making chocolate dipped pretzels for a tasty treat!
 Enjoying Grandma and Grandpa Baker on the front porch.
 The kids and I followed Grandma and Grandpa Baker for the long drive
to Utah.   Cody was SO happy to have some boys to play with!

 He followed AJ just about everywhere.
 The kids were so happy to be out of the car and playing in Grandpa's backyard with cousins!

 We had a super fun evening with everyone!

 Holdyn  and Courtney loved playing in the tree!
 Kimber got her wish of swimming in Uncle Brad's pool!  She had been asking about it all summer!  Now that she can swim she wants to be in the water every chance she gets!
We also had a super fun sleepover at the Andrus' home!  The kids were so good to stop playing and sit with Kimber while she did her vest!  It really means a lot when cousins and friends are willing to be with her....it is never fun for her to have to do it.....especially when other kids are running and playing. 

We had a great time on our few days in St. George!

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