Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Baker Reunion 2013

 We couldn't have been more excited to continue our trip on Beaver Mountain!
The girls absolutely love camping and were not disappointed with the few days
on Big John's Flat!  Kimber doing her vest again with some awesome cousins who stopped what they were doing to sit with her!  We really appreciate it when they come sit and play with her while she has to do her treatments.  It means a LOT!
 Didn't waste a minute to get the marshmallows out and start stuffing our mouths.  
Yep, my girls love  their pajamas too ;)

 Cody loving some 'snuggle in the bed' time.
 Bristol, Cody, and Olivia enjoying some red vines. 

 Cousin Rae Anna pulled out the fingernail polish for the girls'

 Bristol was VERY serious about getting her fingers painted just right :)
 Thanks Rae Anna!
 The girls' couldn't get enough of riding the four-wheelers with Grandpa!

 Enjoying the mountains and there were hillsides of BEAUTIFUL flowers!

 Holdyn LOVES Adri!

 Thanks to the Evans' we had glowstick parties each night!

 Loving us some boondoggle!

 CRAFT TIME!  Brenda used her sweet skills and all of the kids at the reunion
made their own little lanterns!

 Loading in the truck to go to the Ice Caves!
 Coloring time at Rae Anna's table!
 Holdyn lost a tooth during dinner one night!  Good thing the tooth fairy knew where to find her!
 Half way up the mountain to find cell service to call and take turns
talking to daddy!

 So much fun in the picture booth!

 We couldn't leave without taking a few wacks at the pinata.
Cody found himself a green lollipop....YUM!

Here the kiddo's are, loaded in the car ready to start the journey home.  We went to Grandma Crazy's, but by the time we got there Holdyn was throwing up and Cody was congested, had Pink eye and miserable :(  I guess getting sick is the price we pay for running ourselves raggid.  Worth it?  DEFINITELY!

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  1. I love the picture booth! Cody is such a cute boy! Congrats to Kimber for her Kindergarten - how neat for her teacher to visit your home :) Hello to Holdyn from River!