Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Andrus family visits!

 We were SO LUCKY to have the Andrus family come visit for a couple of nights on their way to move to Texas!  Again, the great cousins are taking a break and sitting with Kimber while she does her vest!  Thanks guys!  It makes it a lot easier for her to do it when the other kids sit with her.
 Nothing like sniffing fingernail polish and getting our nail painting skills on :)
 Never a dull moment with Joel around.

 Grilled Cheeses before church :)
 Four super cute girls ready for church.
 We had a few chicken wishbones that we broke in the evening.
Super fun!

 The winners are Megan, Holdyn and Mason :)  
Make a wish!
One last late night picture before they left for TX early the next morning! 
Thanks for stopping to visit Andrus family!!!

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  1. Thanks for being such a nice relaxing stopping point in our journey! Hopefully we can return the favor someday!