Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Visit from Grandma Crazy and First days of School

 We had the great opportunity of having Grandma Crazy
come and spend a week with us!  She rode home with us from our trip to UT.
It was so nice to have her help with the kids in the car!  The ride went great!
 We sure loved having her with us and hopefully she had a good time!
I was terribly sick and it was so nice to have her here to help entertain the kids!

The first day she was here I ran with Holdyn to get some new shoes for school and we were at Wal-mart when we were rushed out due to a bomb threat!  AWESOME!  It gets better, I had left the car in the TIRE CENTER at Walmart while we shopped. My front tire was barely holding together...I felt super lucky we made it home from Utah without any problems!  Anyway, we couldn't even leave the parking lot that was being evacuated and filled with cops because our car was inside and they wouldn't let us near the building!   Luckily, Ben was able to get off a few minutes to pick us up and take us home.  It ended up being a false alarm....but still scared the bajeebeez out of Holdyn and myself!  Our cart was full and they came running through telling us to leave everything and get out and away from the store as soon as possible.  Just another random event to keep our lives exciting!

Holdyn started 2nd Grade at Jose Barrios Elementary.  She is loving it so far and we are VERY impressed with the school!  I get to volunteer in her class each Friday for a half hour and teach ASL.  It has been really fun and the kids are really learning fast!

 Kimber's First day of Kindergarten started a week later!  She was also VERY excited!  She jumped out of bed early and got going on her vest so she could be ready to go!
Her teacher, Mrs. Valentine, came for a home visit while Grandma Crazy was here and impressed us all.  Kimber is also loving Jose Barrios and we are having our 504 meeting tomorrow with the School's Principal, nurse, counselor, teacher, PE coach, and a few others on the team.  I have been nervous about sending our little CFer into the school system, but with the people I have met, I have been put at ease.  The schools faculty has been GREAT so far!  Getting her medications and special treatments at school is quite an ordeal, but everyone has been so willing to help and keep an eye out to be sure she has what she needs :)

Cody and I went to pick up the girls after school....as you can see Kimber LOVED it!

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