Monday, December 3, 2012

Baker family Thanksgiving 2012

 We were fortunate enough to have Ben's schedule work out so our family could go home for the week of Thanksgiving!  I even got to schedule a night out with my girls!  Kandice was nice enough to do our hair/waxing.  Katie had some crazy reaction and hence the mask ;)  It is always great to get together with these girls and laugh until we cry!  Love ya'll Kandice, Katie, and Andee...I'm sure Whitni was there too!

 Here are the 3 newest additions from the last year on the Baker side.  Jessica, Cody, and Bodel.  It is always fun to have cousins around their same ages!
 Anna is the super babysitter! 
 Grandma and Grandpa got a few of the grandkids in their cars to get some photos (maybe for their Christmas card) and go for a ride of course!

 Brenda's before and after shots....eating the turkey leg!

 Mom decided to try out the family dinner in the garage....that way everyone could be at a table and not be super squished,  it turned out Perfect!! 
 Holdyn LOVES the rolls!
 Luke, Mason, and Bristol enjoying some grub!
 Annie, Kimber, Katelyn and Anna!
 Adri, Holdyn, Megan, Alli, and Courtney

 Kyle and Brooklyn!

 Cody and daddy ready for the feast!
We were so thankful to be able to spend the week with family!  Our girls were in seventh heaven!  They ran from sun up to sun down! It was worth it just to see how happy they were to be playing with their cousins!  They have friends here, but none that we really get to play with out of school.  

 Here I am with mom and Heidi.
 We can't forget the menfolk up on the roof putting up the lights :)
 Mom keeping the backyard cleaned up for the kids to play!
 It was a beautiful day!  Loved chilling in the backyard!
 Brenda and Jessica!
Brenda and I went up on the roof to take the pictures of Grandma and Grandpa with the kids in the car.  Knowing our oldest brother, we should have suspected something would happen.  We went to get down and the latter was gone!  We just sat and relaxed in the peace and quiet of the rooftop until the kids couldn't take it any longer. They put the ladder up and the kids came running up to save us!  Good thing they cared ;)  I had a fun few minutes chilling with Brenda!

We love our families and are super Thankful for them!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2012

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  1. k so i keep looking at all the pics on your blog... makes me soooo homesick. I miss everyone in those pics! (but i'm glad you took some and posted them)