Sunday, December 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

TIME TO CATCH UP!  I know it is December, but there are a few things and pictures I need to catch up on.   Here are the kidlets!  Kimber the Mermaid, Cody the cow and Holdyn the cowgirl!
Ready for some FUN Trick or treating and the Ward party!

We were lucky enough to have 'Uncle Jared' stay at our house the night before Halloween.  Holdyn claimed him as her partner and this was their master carving!
Kimber the elephant and Daddy did the cat!

We did some trick or treating with the Hamson kids. Belen, Haiden, Jalen,
Ian, Holdyn, and Cody's in the stroller.  Daddy was working, but got off a little early.  We met him at home around 7pm and the girls had their buckets full of candy.  Ben wanted to take them around to a couple of our neighbors.   Turns out, since there are NO other kids in our neighborhood, our girls were the only trick-or-treaters that visited these houses.  SOOO, they only went to 6 houses and came home again with FULL buckets and even a few king sized candy bars!  The neighbors felt like they needed to get rid of their candy, so our girls scored!  Funny thing is, they don't eat much candy.  They still (1 month later) have most of their big bags of candy sitting in the pantry.  I have no idea where they get their self control.

 The Trunk or Treat at the church was a HUGE success!
There were some super fun activities in the gym for the kids to do.
The girls LOVED the pumpkin head's!  Super great idea!
 Kimber had been asking since we got the pumpkins to cut into them.
She loves the slimy insides!

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