Friday, December 14, 2012

December FuN!!

 Here is Ben and his girls....all 3 were sleeping soundly...notice the throw up bowl on the floor in front.  This picture was the day after we returned from our Thanksgiving trip.  YEP, we brought the flu bug home with us!  Kimber and Holdyn both had the barfs and squirts on the long drive home and made for 2 looong nights in a row.  Glad we are all feeling better!
 Here are the infamous stockings...knitted with love from Grandma Baker!  We were super excited to add Cody's train stocking to the collection this year!
 The girls LOVED helping plaster the tree with ornaments!
 The kids and I also did our outside decorations!  
Of course we missed Ben's expertise, but we got'er done!
Nothing like sipping on some hot chocolate while the vest is shaking Kimber ;)
She is pretty talented to be able to drink during the vest treatment!
 The camera loves these two....and so do I!!
 Painting our gifts for the neighbors!  I would post picts of the final product but some of them are going to family and I don't wanna spoil the fun!  I'll put some picts up later of the finished masterpieces. 

 Here are the girls waiting for me to get Cody out of the car to go into the botanical gardens.
 Here are my gingerbread kids!!

 Kimber had her Pre-school Christmas program today.  Her hair was straightened and looked super cute.....dang rain!  Good thing she is cute no matter what!
 They sang Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer with their antlers!
 They also Sang Frosty the Snowman with their magic hats!!
We are also lucky enough to have a fellow Washingtonite family that recently moved into our ward.  David Miller (my neighbor growing up) and his cute family have been in England with the Military and he was just stationed here in Albuquerque!  We had Ava come play with Kimber most of the day today while Dave and Diane unloaded their stuff!  It was super fun!

We are making every day count as December is flying by!!!

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