Saturday, December 29, 2012

It Was A Merry Christmas 2012

 Get ready for some picture overload! We had a FANTASTIC and exhausting Christmas!!  
Ben has been reaching his 80 hours every week (and then some, but for legal reasons we will stick with 80 ;)  So we haven't seen him much!  He is up and gone before the kids and usually doesn't get home until well after they are in bed....unless I let the girls stay up to see him.  So we don't see him much, but we LOVE it when we do!!!
The girls helped me make these little Nativity crafts for our neighbors and friends...we also made about 50 little reindeer...for the girls' classes and friends. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of them!  They were the ones that you squeeze the cheeks and you get a kiss inside.  Anyway, they turned out fun but were a LOT of work!
 Here are my little elves delivering gifts to the neighbors :)  They had so much fun!!
 Holdyn and Kimber are so fun to have home together....they are best friends and truly come up with the cutest things to play and do!
 Here is Holdyn at her school performance.  She did a GREAT job!!
 Ben was lucky to get off a few days for after he got off at 6pm on Friday, we hit the road!  The girls and I had the truck packed and ready to go as soon as he got home.  We made it to Fredonia about 2 and then unpacked and hit the sack by 4am.   The next morning we were excited to hurry and get over the the Baker family party!  It was a HOOT!  The girls LOVE LOVE LOVE to play with all of their cousins!  It was so nice that they could play outside too!

 It wouldn't be right if Adam and I didn't do our trumpet duets :)  I must say,
We still ROCK!!  Ha ha ha!  Addi even jumped in for some trio's with her French horn.
I have video, but no snapshots of Holdyn...she signed and sang...Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer and Silent Night.  Kimber was in and out.
 We played some hilarious games!
 Kimber and Holdyn were SMILES the whole day!
 Pin the nose on Rudolph was a hit!
 Joel also tried to gain the favorite uncle status by driving the kiddo's around with the lawn mower and Grumpa's John Deere trailer!  SO FUN!
 Cody, rocking his cuteness!
 We had one of The Best Christmas Pageants with Holdyn starring as the Angel!
Megan, Adri, and Alli were quite the Wisemen!

 Ben and I earned the right to be Mary and Joseph by finally having a son of our own.
(Kimber missed this whole couple of hours...she was NOT feeling well, but was back to herself after about a 4 hour nap and a few visits to the bathroom...sorry too much info.
 The two cuties in one of their favorite places....with Grandma in the kitchen...doing one of their favorite things...watching the popcorn popper!
 Holdyn engineering Grumpa's train!!
 LET THE FUN BEGIN!  Christmas Morning!

 Yep, Cody got a little patient Bear that he can be the Dr. for ;)
 The girls scored toothbrushes....these girls would be happy if they could get a new toothbrush every week!  They absolutely LOVE them!
 Santa also brought them princess scooters!  As you can see, they LOVE them!
Grandma and Grumpa's house is THEE best place for scooters and bikes!

 The girls were still ALL SMILES!
 Cody, putting a bandage on his bear.
 The kiddo's with Grandma and Grumpa!
Thanks for letting us share Christmas morning with you!!!
 One last picture before we headed out!
 The girls camped out on the sofa with their Christmas presents having a ball!  Just a few hours of sleep after we drove in the driveway and unpacked and we sent Ben off to work again.  It was fun to have him for a few days!!
 Who knew undecorating could be so much fun!  The girls took turns decorating each other as a Christmas tree....and giggled the whole time!

 Once the tree was down they went straight to one of their other favorite things....fort building!
 Cody, just chillaxin and watching his sisters play and build towers with my new Jenga blocks!
For some reason, I didn't have my camera on me in Fredonia with the Cluff family and missed the whole thing!  We had a blast there too!  Thanks for the WONDERFUL GIFTS and most of all thanks for sharing Christmas with us!  We made some great memories as we celebrated the birth of our Savior!


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  1. Looks like a great Christmas!! I have been looking for the chair you have Cody in, the one that locks on the table, where did you get it?