Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving with the Cluff Family 2012

 After some good Eatin' on Wednesday at the Baker house, we headed to the Cluff Compound in Fredonia, AZ.  All of Ben's siblings were able to be there!  It was good to see everyone!
Mary and Rebecca are jazzing it up in the kitchen, while Aimee and Ben peeled potatoes!

 Kimber loved having Grandma Crazy read to her!
 Here is Jacob with his prized smoked turkey!
Here is the table...ready for eating!
The girls, AGAIN, were in heaven!  Playing and gettin good and dirty!
 Kimber, Taylor, McKayla, Holdyn
 More Cousin fun in the Tree house. 
Emma, Brigham, Cameron, Nolan, Taylor and Holdyn
 Kid table on the Patio.
 While the other kids were outside playing, Alex, was nice enough to come and sit with Kimber while she did her vest treatment.  Then she fixed her hair!  Kimber LOVED every minute!  It is hard to sit there and do her treatments when she can see and hear the cousins outside screaming and playing.  Thanks again Alex!

 We got to go up to Uncle Karl's to ride on the wagons!  The girls had SO MUCH FUN!

Even Ben got to drive the wagon ;)


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