Monday, December 3, 2012

Fun times while Daddy is working...and working...

 Here is Cody.....still eating!  This kid can pack it down!  He especially loves the beans his daddy has been making by the pot!
 Ben had to work the day of the girls' Primary Program.  He was sad, and the girls were too, but we knew he would be missing out on a few things being so busy at the hospital.  The girls both did GREAT jobs on their parts!  They had them memorized and got right up there in front of everyone and said their parts perfectly!  They were so proud of themselves!
I LOVE these girls and I am especially grateful they have great primary teachers and friends who help them learn more about Jesus Christ.  We have had a few rough moments when the girls have talked about Jesus at school and other kids have laughed or teased them.   I am thankful they are so excited about Christ and His return!  They ask almost daily when Jesus is going to come again and heal Kimber from her Cystic Fibrosis! 

 A month or so ago,  little Kimber got pretty sick. She was you can see.
She missed a whole week of school and had to do extra Vest treatments....which you can see by her picture...she LOVES!    It scares me to death when she has that awful cough!  I get anxiety, especially at night.  I remember Charlton being up coughing all night long...needless to say, hearing that CF cough in Kimber freaks me out just a little!
 We had some days to fill with fun.  Daddy worked a few nights so I had to keep the kids entertained and quiet during the day so he could sleep.  We had a BLAST with the shaving cream on the table!

 After we cleaned up the shaving cream, went to the library, park, had a picnic,
we came home and cut out pictures of things the girls wanted to ask Santa for Christmas. 
It was a very serious project ;)  They are at such a fun age! 
We are thankful that Ben is finally working as a Dr. at UNM Hospital.  He is having a GREAT experience!  We are very thankful for those who have supported our family in so many ways!  We are excited to be just 2.5 years away from him being on his own!!  We sure enjoy each moment that he gets to be around! We sure miss him when he is at work!

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