Monday, October 6, 2014

1st Day Of School 2014

 Here is our 1st Grader Kimber!  She has Mrs. Nanez this year!
 Holdyn is ready to ROCK 3rd Grade with Ms. Piercy!

 This girl cracks me up....if you thought we have had lizards and snails surprise us in her backpack after school, you'd be RIGHT!  She even had one squished, dead lizard in one of the little pockets.  I was sure that I wouldn't have to worry about this kind of stuff until Cody got bigger. 

We LOVE Jose Barrios Elementary!  Clifford randomly showed up to meet the kids at school a few weeks into the school year! Such a fun surprise!

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  1. Such cute kiddos. But EEK! I'm not ready for the squished bugs and lizards...