Tuesday, October 7, 2014


 Soccer has been keeping us super busy!  I was talked in to helping coach this year by one of the board members of GCYSO.  I am super glad I got involved.  I am coaching a U10 team (Holdyn's team) and they are doing GREAT!  I don't have any photo's of Holdyn yet because I have been coaching during her games and forget to get the camera out.  

I am also assistant coaching Kimber's team, keeping us extra busy in the evenings and on weekends.  Here are some action shots of Kimber playing her heart out. 
 Kimber is so funny, she LOVES soccer.  LOVES practices, but does NOT like to play in the games.  It is like pulling teeth.  She is the most competitive girl at home, but she gets on the field and "Super nice Kimber" comes to play. She is starting to get the hang of being more aggressive a little more each game.
 Cody is a champ, playing on the sidelines during practices and games. 
He is getting pretty good at dribbling the ball too!

We are loving Soccer, but also excited the season is half way over.  We have games through mid November.  I will be excited to have a few more evenings at home!


  1. (sorry if this posts twice...blogger/google hates me) So fun! She is such a cutie! And how fun you are coaching! I remember Adam being our coach...haa haa. Good times!!
    I love that "Super Nice Kimber" comes to play for the games!! haa haa. Logan loved practice too but HATED games, but I think it's because they'd have practice right before each game, and he would be too tired/not interested in the games.

  2. SO loved to see this post! How fun to be on the field together :) Love seeing kiddos running around. LOVE the boots picture at the top of your blog - super cute! Much love