Monday, October 6, 2014

Some Random Catch Ups

 We have been busy and I haven't been keeping up with my pictures.  
So here is a little recap of some more fun days we've been able to enjoy.
 One of our most favorite places in Silver City is at the Rocko's.  All of my kids love the Rocko family and LOVE going to their house to visit and ride horses and play with their dogs.
 The Elders serving in our stake also put on a talent show.  I worked with a friend and helped get a group of girls together to perform a glow in the dark dance to the song, "Everything is Awesome!"  We had over 10 friends from school who belong to other religions participate with us.  It turned out to be a huge success!  The girls all LOVED it!
 Sadly none of the performance pictures in the dark turned out, but here is one of Kimber modeling the glow sticks before the performance.  It is always fun to get up on stage and show off!
 An oldie but goodie picture of these two.
 Cody loves to help in the kitchen....especially when he gets to lick the beaters.
 Another random picture of our house before we moved in.
 I used to have a love/hate relationship with this new little dog we call Stewy.
But as you can see from the picture below, my relationship has now turned into a hate/hate.
He LOVES Kimber, but he has a bit of separation anxiety when we leave the house if we don't kennel him up.  He has gone through the blinds twice now.....needless to say, he now stays outside!

 Showing off in their PJ's.

 We had a super fun 4th of July!  We met up with some good friends who have moved to Safford, AZ.  Lexi and her parents are missed!
 Happy Independence Day!

 Taking the dogs for a walk!

If you notice, Ben is not in many of these pictures....we are ready for this residency/training phase to be OVER so we can see him around sometimes!

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  1. How much longer does he have? Super cute pictures. We sure miss you guys.