Monday, October 6, 2014

Grant County Fair 2014

 We started out early that Saturday morning!  We were on the road to catch up with the Rocko's in Cliff, NM just before 7am. 
 We got there and Holdyn warmed up on Big Jon.
She was in 3 events:  The Poles, barrels, and flags.
She did all of the patterns perfectly and had so much fun!
 We had quite the set up in the back of the truck in the shade.
Holdyn also got to be in the Grand Entry at the beginning of the Jr. Rodeo.
She followed the flags in and lined up with the other kids for the national anthem and prayer.  It was so fun to see her in that.

 After her events we ran through the exhibits and saw that Holdyn's 3rd grade class had won a Grand Prize ribbon and we found Kimber's class project too.

 My three little cowkids.  I sure love'em!
 After we got home from the rodeo and fair Holdyn and I got gussied up and put our dresses on to head to the LDS General Women's Conference.  We went out to a 'fancy' restaurant and had such a fun time together! I love that she is gets to go with me now that she is 8.  But she really does need to stop growing up so fast!

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  1. Oh my word. How fun you get to take her to the conference. But yes stop her from growing up so fast. Way to go cowgirl Holdyn