Monday, October 6, 2014

Holdyn's Baptism Day! Aug 2, 2014

 Get ready for picture overload!  I LOVE this girl! 
 This beautiful 8 year old chose to be baptized!
She is such a great example and wonderful big sister to her siblings.

 Kimber and Cody sure love her and look up to her!

 We were so thankful that Grandma Crazy and Grandpa could come
enjoy this day with us!  Grandma even gave a wonderful talk on Baptism
at the baptism service!
 Megan and the rest of the Andrus family were around too :)
We LOVED having a house full of cousins to play with!
Megan, Kimber and Holdyn sang "I will Follow God's Plan"
at the end of the baptism service.
 Holdyn with mom and dad.  Pretty proud moment!
 Nothing like the white jumpsuits :)

 It was a beautiful service!  
I feel blessed everyday that Heavenly Father sent her into our family!
Her daddy baptized and confirmed her and Grandpa Cluff and Mike Rocko were the priesthood witnesses.
 After the Baptism service we had a fun crowd come over for Navajo Taco's.
Then we put the guys to work finishing the back porch.
HUGE shout out to Joel for spending his vacation pounding nails :)
 Holdyn also had a pinata I had purchased for her birthday that we hadn't had the opportunity to do yet.  So we had a fun little pinata party with the cousins!

Jessica knows where the good stuff is at.

We really appreciated the Rocko's, Andrus' and Grandma and Grandpa Cluff for being with us and especially Holdyn, on her special day!

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