Tuesday, October 7, 2014

3rd Grade Field Trip to Bill Evans Lake

 Holdyn and the third grade classes at Jose Barrios Elementary had a great day!
The NM Game and Fish have a program where they host field trips.  
They have all of the equipment and teach the kids all about the lake and water.

 Mr. Piper taught the kids how to put the poles together, tie on their hooks on the line and bait their own hooks.  Holdyn, being the experienced pro that she is, was able to help a lot of the other kids with their equipment.  She was excited to be so helpful and have the kids asking her how to do it.
 They learned about the water and looked at plants, water, and scales under the microscopes. 
 He taught them about the Gila terrain.
 Snack time is always a favorite.

 The most memorable part of the day was when they dissected their fish in small groups.  They took apart the eye and looked through the fish lens, took apart the gills, looked at the heart and brain.  Took apart the stomach and saw what the fish last ate.
Totally grusome, but so much fun!

Cody and I were so lucky to be able to tag along and help.  It is so fun being able to be involved with the classes of my girlios. 

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